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How to boost your content strategy

An optimized content strategy has to use both copywriting and SEO. Discover how to write content for users that is also optimized for SEO; this way, you can get a better organic positioning which means more visits and clients. Creating a good article doesn’t mean anything if your users don’t reach it. Google receives more than 3,500 million searches daily around the world and its domination of search engines is inarguable. Throughout the year, its algorithms undergo a series of official updates, although in some cases, these changes aren’t even officially announced.

The goal of Google’s updates is to improve the quality of the results that are offered to users after searching

Take into consideration the positioning factors that determine the quality, authority, and relevance of each URL that is registered. Some of the most important algorithm changes that have been developed over the last few years are Panda. Focused on content quality; Penguin (2012), which rewarded the quality of the links; Hummingbird (2013. Also called Google Colibri), which was designed to analyze the semantic search; RankBrain (2015). Which helps to Telegram Data interpret searches to find results that don’t precisely match the exact words of the query; or BERT (2019), which is also centered in better understanding user searches and decoding its context. Why explain all this? Because when we ask ourselves how to create a content strategy, we can’t turn our back on Google and its demands, which are those of the users. The content marketing of today must integrate SEO .

SEO content is a technique to achieve visibility in search engines.

This goal crosses with others that the marketing department may have in their content strategy: create brand awareness and push users to conversion. However, both goals are compatible and must work in harmony. A better positioning on websites will give you relevance and traffic; we can push this traffic through CTAs or internal links RACT Data so that clients go to your page and end up acquiring. Your products or services. Writing content for SEO is useful because it helps us give the best answers to users and, therefore. Helps Google with the selection of our content, indicating the topic, the information we transfer, and why it’s important. Thus, search engines, when ranking this content, will take all of these values into account to select it and add it to the results in a specific position for a specific search.


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